You exert yourself, day in and day out, for your work and your customers. Everyone counts on you. Your family as well. And what are you counting on? What will happen if you are no longer able to work for a time due to illness or an accident? Or worse: what if you were suddenly to die? That is also something you can prepare for as a self-employed professional. By thinking about your options and taking care of certain matters beforehand, you can protect the future of your family and your company.

Omni Care: financiële bescherming voor je gezin als jij er niet meer bent

Omni Care: financial protection for your family when you're gone

Affordable death cover, personalised to your specific needs and family situation
Flexible: Fixed or reducing lump sum, or spread your premium payments
Additional accidental death cover: your next of kin receive an additional lump sum
Acceptance based on 5 simple questions (until age 50 and up to EUR 300,000)
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Bedrijfsleiderverzekering Scala Keyman: zeker van uw zaak

Scala Keyman company director insurance: protect your business

Your company receives an annuity should one of its key figures be (temporarily) put out of action by an illness, accident or death
Protects the continuity of your business so that your overhead costs can be covered
Your company is both the policy holder and the beneficiary, and is not liable for any death duties
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